Who owns the property?

MPG forms a special purpose entity which owns the property. The owners include investors and MPG affiliates.

Who manages the property?

MPG is a fully integrated investment company with in-house management handled exclusively by our captive affiliate, Luminera Properties. This unique approach gives us direct control over our investments, helping us mitigate risk and maximize confidence.

What is a value add property?

We call a property “value add” when we can identify a clear set of challenges that will measurably improve operating performance when solved, thus increasing its valuation. This concept is also known as “forced appreciation”, and may include improvements such as amenity upgrades, exterior carpentry & repainting, building & landscaping enhancements, re-branding and interior unit upgrades.

What markets does MPG focus on?

We’re currently focused on the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex and select secondary markets in the path of progress.